Abstract Data Types and Data Structures: C++ API

What is this API?

Building an API that overlaps with STL may look like textbook "reinventing the wheel". However, this API is a complete implementation of abstract data types and data structures in C++ built on a harmonical structure instead, different from STL in being:

How does it work?

Abstract Data Types and Data Structures C++ API, or C++ ADT & DS API, is nothing more than a collection of decoupled components and their dependencies designed polymorphically by interface-implementation principle:

To learn more about it, you first need to have firm knowledge of what abstract data types and data structures are and how do they work in general. If you already have it, go to documentation, otherwise proceed to learning section instead!

How powerful is it?

Entire implementation of this API was geared towards simplicity and memory/speed efficiency. The end result can be checked in benchmarks page, showing identical memory consumption but superior speed compared to STL. Below chart shows how long it takes to insert a million long entries, for each API class and STL equivalent, measured in milliseconds:

How to install it?

To install API go to installation page and follow steps described there then go through documentation page to learn how to use it. If you just want to see sources, go to https://github.com/aherne/c-data-structures-api.