Blog: Guiding Principles Behind ADT & DS C++ API

Why is there a joy for building harmony in a world that lacks any?

Why drives some people to find and build harmony whereas most are immune to this tendency? Is there innate harmony in things around us just waiting to be found out? But first things first, what is harmony after all? Harmony can be described in a few words as the quality of an entity or idea of being structured, orderly, holding a seemingly unbreakable unity where nothing can be added or extracted.


Why should the wheel be reinvented sometimes?

Reinventing the wheel has become like a stigma in today's world of programming. Why is that? Because apparently some people long before you had a godly intelligence to create something that is beyond redesign! You, as a "senior developer" should just use your mind as a bucket of others' ideas and concoct solutions based on those.


Is there something wrong with STL?

There is nothing inherently wrong with STL! It's a very robust and heavily tested solution that proved itself to be a good companion to programmer needs, BUT there is nothing ultimate about it. It's just one IMPLEMENTATION of "data structure & algorithms" concepts, not perfect like everything else in life, with its own qualities and defects.