Data Structures: Weighted Directed Graphs

What is an Weighted Directed Graph?

A weighted directed graph is a data structure that extends Weighted Graph by assuming all edges to be unidirectional by default. As a directed graph, once an edge between vertex A and B is set, it doesn't mean B will be connected to A as well, unless specifically set.

How can it be implemented?

This data structure merely completes Weighted Graph specification and defines no further operations. As a complete implementation, it must take a decision how to store vertexes inside. Options are equivalent to those used in storing EDGES:

If Dynamic Array implementing List solution is chosen, two more operations can be generalized for weighted directed graph, both executed in constant O(1) time:

Operation Arguments Returns Description
contains DATA boolean Checks if graph contains a vertex whose value equals that of input.
search DATA VERTEX Searches graph for a vertex whose value equals that of input.